Vusta's stuff
  • - If you eat shark fin soup, how would you like it if I cut off one of your legs then tell you to hop along now ?

    - What the hell is it with humans that they have to breed breed breed ? Very simple, 2 kids per couple would stabilise world population, think of it as the 2 kids will take the place of their parents when the parents die. Enough already.

    - To all the losers who think tiger bones, bear biles, rhino horns are so good for your health...get off your superstitious fat arses and lift some weights...or better yet...die

    - I used to have this FEAR of spiders, then one day I watched a spider making a home for herself on my window sill. I left her in peace and watched her each day going about her business...raising her brood...I even 'played' with them naughty little spiderlings...Now I have absolutely no problem touching, playing with spiders and the likes...They are amazing creatures...and with them around, I have no need to spray chemicals around the house to get rid of flies/mozzies.

    - It's total BS the amount of 'smart' phones/tablets being churned much resources have been used to do this ? How many forests have been destroyed for mining rare earth elements, how many animals have been killed/displaced ? All this just to satisfy this wanky 'look at me, look at me generation' holding a new flashy phone...