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    Original Bitfenix Prodigy case with all the nuts and bolts...


    Strip out all the fat. No optical disk at top. I use a spare optical disk drive to install the op system then after that there's virtually no need for one anymore since nowadays, s/w, drivers just get downloaded from the net anyway. Also no HDD drive cages needed as these renderboxes all write to a centralised network drive.


    Parts installed.
    Mobo: Asus P8Z77-I-Deluxe. NB: Only 2 mem slots and 2 fan headers. Extra fan(s) will need to use molex connectors.
    CPU: i7 3770K
    RAM: Corsair 16Gb 1600 CL9 Vengeance CMZ16GX
    HDD: Samsung 840 Pro 128GB.
    Cooler: Corsair Hydro H60. Watercooler instead of (gigantic) air cooler to save on space and weight.
    PSU: Seasonic 460W modular fanless. Modular helps cutting down on cables/weight. noise...
    Fan: 200mm front intake.
    OC: 4.2 Ghz

    The Bitfenix Prodigy case is great for mobility. You can easily carry it using one hand with the 'soft' handles.
    Note that it takes mini-ITX mobos only.
    This build is pretty much the template I use for clients.